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Can my indoor security system work alongside Costa CCTV's external and/or internal system?
Yes. Our systems run individually from any other system. Ethernet connection through the NVR ensures no cross connections of use with other systems. We also work alongside indoor security companies as they benefit from our outdoor advanced system. 

Can recorded footage help authorities identify an unwanted intruder?
Yes. The high quality photo stills that can be captured of intruder together with the playback video footage, has helped our clients in identifying an unwanted intruder. 

Can my home security system be hacked?
No. We run our connection through our supplier's cloud through a highly secure global network. 

What are the differences between the Costa Easy, Pro & Prime packages? 
Each of the packages are designed for the surrounding and use for individual set-ups. One of experienced technicians will be able to explain what package is best suited for your property's needs.

Will my pet trigger the motion sensor?
No. We can control the sensor to a certain height from the ground and also turn down sensitivity such as on windy days. 

How many users can share the live monitoring app service?
We do not recommend that you allow access to your remote monitoring App services, however, sharing with household members is possible. 


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